Norway meeting 2006

Johannes Lundberg

The police asked Johannes Lundberg and Svein Grundstrøm for assistance to rescue a dog that had fallen into a crevasse at Okstindbreen. They got the dog up safte and sound. The Norway meeting began with surveying in Tjoarvekrajgge. Two accidents happened. The fist one was a fall down a canyon wall. The caver was able to walk out by herself. The second incident was a caver who fell about 4 metres. The rope was belayed around a boulder, which loosened. She became wounded, also internal wounds, but together with other cavers she managed to get out of the cave. An ambulance transported her to the hospital in Bodø. The meeting continued in Beiarn municipality. An accident happened in Øvre Stormdalshullet. This victim was also able to walk out of the cave with support from the other cavers. People from the Norwegian Cave Rescue Service (NGRT) transported him on stretcher from the cave opening up to the road. An ambulance transported him to the hospital.

Abstract for report published in Norsk Grotteblad 48: 3-8 (2007), in Swedish.