June 2024
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OK, I know…

…that I’m a lousy blog writer… Right now I’m a lousy researcher too. Trying to come back to my small African plants, after a few weeks without them when I tried to get Krypto-S for FBO up working again. But right now I think I can leave it for a while, and do whatever I’m supposed to do. Try to remember what it was. Biogeography? Or character evolution? Oh well, think I’ll go for biogeography for the time being. Interesting distribution, these small plants, with basal nodes apparently distributed in south-western Africa, and a later dispersal east and north? Must try to understand the distribution so I can code it, and then analyse it. And at the same time try to find somewhere to stay (practically homeless in Stockholm since December). Not until then I will be able to update the layout of my webbpage and the blog. But until then I’ll try to write more! So see you soon, and I’ll might be able to tell more about distributions and dispersals over southern Africa!

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  • Manuela

    yes you are a lousy blogger ;) But I don’t think you are a lousy researcher … not that I would know but I suppose databases include some kind of research as well …

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