April 2024
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Two weeks left

With less than three weeks left before departure for Mongolia (this was on Monday, now it is just a little more than two weeks left), everything should have been settled but then we accidentaly are noticed that there is a Mongolian Cave Research Association (thanks Sebastian for noticing us on Dr Avirmed and his Association!) that we must contact and clear our plans with (it goes without saying that this is the right thing to do, but it is also in accordance with the UIS Code of Ethics). This is only positive, now we might have the chance to meet Mongolian cavers! If we only had known about them earlier…

But then Xavier tells me that their flight from France arrive to Beijing several hours after the flight to Ulaanbaator departs! I don’t know if they have solved it yet; I hope they can manage to get to Ulaanbaatar the same day as I! And I must check my own flight…

I myself is still waiting to get my passport back, hopefully with approved visa… OK, I sent it to the Mongolian General Consulate a little late, so I can’t expect it until today or early next week, and I can’t blame anyone else, but now we need a copy of the passport and the visa for a permission to visit a part of Mongolia close to the Chinese border.

And I also need to find a good portable memory device, like jobo or hypderdrive… more money to give out, but once bought I don’t have to buy again. I hope…

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