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Burfjellet 2007

BurfjelletThis years mountain-camp will be the perhaps most exiting area in Scandinavian caving right now, Burfjellet not far from Mo i Rana. It is an area known for many years, but it was not until the last few years that its potential became apparent! In 2006 the Polish cavers found a deep pitch, but lack of time forced them to turn at the top of pitch. Last year we returned for a 12 days stay on the mountain, and we manage making break-throughs in all three major caves (Edvardheimgrotta, Brattligrotta and Storligrotta), with the hundred meter deep pitch and waterfall in Edvardheimgrotta as the greatest discoveries. JohannesBut we failed to connect the caves — so that remains to be done this summer! If you are interested in participating (first week of August), please feel free contact me, or check out the webpages of the Swedish Speleological Society or the Norwegian Speleological Society for news and information! Unfortunately I will not be there, I will go to Mongolia instead, but there will be cavers from Norway and Sweden and probably also Poland, UK, and perhaps also Hungary, and I’m sure it will be a great mountain camp! After last summer’s trip, I wrote a small travelogue for Norsk Grotteblad and Grottan, that I have translated to English. You can read it here!

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