November 2023
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Back from Mongolia!

Ha! I survived Mongolia! And the French cavers! No, just kidding, they were great company during the trip, all four weeks… So what happened? Well, the next few weeks I will try to decipher my travel diary, translate it to English, and publish it here for whoever is interested in the answer of that question… [...]


The preparations for the Mongolian expedition are closing up! I have spent way more money than I planned, but I think most of it are well spent money – I even plan to earn back some of the money spent on my new business!

I started with something I have thought about for a long time, [...]

Burfjellet 2007 again

For those of you reading Polish, there is a short report on the STJ homepage, written by Karolina, on last summers exploration in Burfjellet. I’m not sure what it says though… For those of you who, like me, don’t read Polish, but still want to now what we did last summer during our (almost) two [...]

Burfjellet 2007

This years mountain-camp will be the perhaps most exiting area in Scandinavian caving right now, Burfjellet not far from Mo i Rana. It is an area known for many years, but it was not until the last few years that its potential became apparent! In 2006 the Polish cavers found a deep pitch, but lack [...]

caving love

This video from speleologas has everything you want from a music video! The lone man, smoking his waterpipe, heartbroken and teared by his miserable love to two women, a betrayed love, but also a happy end symbolized by wood chopping. But all this would only have been your average, we-have-seen-it-before-love-story, if it wasn’t for the [...]

Hålor som inte är grottor

Otroligt! DN har börjat kalla de hålorna medlemmar ur den numera vittkända ryska domedagssekten tänkte vänta ut jordens undergånd i för just det de är: hålor! Detta efter att länge ha skrivit grottor (tillsammans med till exempel Aftonbladet (medan Aftonbladet TV helt riktigt talar om en bunker och förstör lite av min indignation!), SvD, Metro, SVT och [...]


Sometimes you find yourself in the most strange places… (the fun(niest) starts somewhere here)

Mongolia 2008

I am going to Mongolia! It was with a lot of anxiety that I bought the tickets two days ago, but now I have the tickets! In paper even!


I will join a small French caving expedition to Mongolia, from July 21 to August 19. We will be a team of five persons in [...]

American Caving Accidents 2006

American Caving Accidents 2006 kom häromdagen. Jag har bara hunnit bläddra igenom den som hastigast, men jag blev inte särskilt förvånad av att se att fallolyckorna dominerade stort. Att döma av de korta fallbeskrivningarna verkar det också som om de allra flesta (om inte alla?) olyckorna hade gått att undvikas. Två kategorier framträder rätt snart: [...]

Poland 2007

A month after the Budapest trip it was time again to head south, this time to southern Poland and Kraków. And this time I was not alone from Scandinavia; I had company with Hans Øivind Aarstad from Norway that I learnt to know last year. We wanted to visit our friends from STJ Kraków as [...]